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"Sexy, dark, and mysterious sums up your style, dear Scorpio. Actually, your sign was the main inspiration for our line, Scorpio Rising. You tend to be quiet and observant because your ruler, Pluto, teaches you to marshal your energy, not squander it. You know knowledge is power, so it is natural for you to reveal little about yourself, but you pick up lots of information about others. That's easy for you–everyone enjoys talking to you and you love to listen. A bit rebellious, you are not overly influenced by other people's opinions–you rely on your own intuition and feelings and doing so has always served you well.Scorpio Rising suggestion:The whole line is "you," but start with the Scorpio Rising cut-off sweatshirt. How could you not? Pair it with cut-offs to show off your legs, or your favorite skinny jeans."

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  1. Beeeem.. vi o de caranguejo e não é que eles até acertaram em muitas coisas?? :o

  2. ora, o meu não tinha nada a ver :(