These kind of moments are very uncommon, but when they happen you never forget that sort of feeling or emotion. Time stops and an angelical music plays in your head, you know your life will never be the same again. You won’t be able to take it off of your mind, you have to have it or you’ll never be complete again. It’s something so strong that really gets you down, you don’t feel like eating or sleeping. It’s something totally new to you that would bring the most incredible moments. You’re sure you would be the happiest person on earth, you just know. It’s perfect, beautiful and charming, it would never leave your side. Together we would conquer the world. Oh please I really need it.

Yeah, I’m in love with a pair of sneakers. (again..)
And i didn't rest till i got them.

They are one of the Pucci pack that Nike offered us this year.
I just love them, there couldn't be a more exciting partnership.
Pucci + Nike = <3

They are mine, mine, mine.

Here i go spring days.

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